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Clamp-on Reflector Fixture
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Bend-It Light Fixture
Here´┐Żs an ingenious lamp fixture for anyone searching for an easy way to use the Wonderlite.

Orchid photo courtesy of John Ramsey, The Ramsey Foundation Champion Orchid Collection


Wonderlite« & Swivelier Fixture

Wonderlite« is a wide spectrum light designed for orchids and other tropical plants that tend to perform poorly in standard home or office environments. With the Wonderlite, plants thrive and bloom like never before! Wonderlite promotes healthy plant growth and abundant flowering. Its unique spectral distribution has an excellent balance of blue, red and far-red wavelengths in the visible light spectrum (440, 660 and 740 nanometers), providing more than 90% of plants' requirements. We are currently selling a 160 watt Wonderlite substitute bulb. It has a similar spectral distribution to the Wonderlite and comparable lumen output. It's a suitable replacement for the Wonderlite for growing orchids and other tropical plants. This self-ballasted bulb can be used in incandescent sockets. The 160 watt bulb is usually placed 2 to 4 feet above plants, depending on the types of orchids being grown. The Wonderlite substitute bulb has a 6 month warranty. We also offer a high-quality, clamp-on Swivelier fixture with a patented spring-tension swivel that rotates a full 360║ and angles 90║. It makes positioning the Wonderlite much easier. Clamp-on fixture fits any rod or shelf. 12' grounded plug. UL listed.

Wonderlight sub bulb

Price: $59.95
 Sale: $54.95

Swivelier, 160w fixture

Price: $49.95
 Sale: $44.95

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