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Easy-Drain Humidity Tray

Windowsill Humidity Tray
Help your orchids thrive with a Windowsill Humidity Tray. Plants sit on the tray's upper grid platform and excess water pours into the tray below. As the water evaporates, it generates humidity for your orchids.

Sea Grow Fertilizers

Dyna Gro Fertilizer

Grow More Premium Orchid Fertilizers

Recommended for both epiphytic and terrestrial orchids, these water-soluble, high quality orchid fertilizers include N-P-K plus the micronutrients copper, iron, manganese, molybdenum and zinc. Use 1 teaspoon per gallon of water. Thoroughly saturate bark or other potting media. 1.25 lb.

20-20-20 All-Purpose Formula –Maintenance fertilizer for year-round use. Multiple sources of nitrogen for staggered release.

20-10-20 Urea-Free Formula – Good urea-free nitrogen availability under a wide range of temperature and climate conditions.

30-10-10 Growth Formula – High nitrogen formula to counteract the nitrogen-robbing characteristics of fir bark potting media.

6-30-30 Bloom Formula – High phosphorus-to-nitrogen ratio helps induce bud set and increase the size and quantity of blooms.

All-Purpose Formula


Urea-Free Formula


Growth Formula


Bloom Formula


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