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Wonderlite® & Swivelier Fixtures
Wonderlite® is a wide spectrum orchid light that helps orchids thrive and bloom like never before! It promotes healthy plant growth and abundant flowering.

Large Humidity Tray
Orchids thrive in warm, humid environments. These humidity trays are the perfect solution to increasing humidity around your plants. Made from rigid black polystyrene, plants sit on the upper grid platform and excess water drains into the tray below. The water evaporates and generates added humidity for plants to thrive.

SonnyLight™ LED Grow Gardens
SonnyLight™ is the world’s most technologically advanced LED grow system for indoor plants. We offer two convenient styles to meet your orchid-growing needs.

Indoor Garden Plant Light

Orchid Myst

Voted England's Most Successful New Gardening Product for 2010, Orchid Myst is a ready-to-use nutrient solution that replicates how an orchid receives fertilizer in the natural environment. Simply mist leaves and exposed roots once or twice a week. Orchid Myst contains mineral and organic nutrients, marine plant extracts, humic acid, fulvic acid and pure plant oils. It acts as a fertilizer and growth enhancer as well as a plant tonic. Using Orchid Myst leads to healthier plants and longer lasting flower displays. 300 ml bottle.

Orchid Myst

Price:$14.95Sale: 12.95