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Pure Neem Oil

Neem oil has been used for centuries as a natural pest control. Numerous tests have shown neem oil to be effective as an insecticide, miticide, fungicide, nematicide and as an insect antifeedant and repellent.

Neem extracts have shown incredible success in combating not only fungal problems on leaves, but also many forms of root rot. For optimum benefits, Neem should be sprayed on all sides of foliage and watered into the root zone.

Because Neem products are used for human consumption and medication, exposure to Neem poses no threats to humans or animals. Neem is not harmful to beneficial insects. It affects only those insects feeding on plants treated with Neem. There are no re-entry or residual restrictions associated with the use of Neem oil.

We highly recommend Neem oil as a natural pest control for your orchids.

Pure Neem Oil, 8 oz.


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