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Window Garden PlantTable™
Finally, a handsome PlantTable™ designed for gardeners that beautifully integrates plants and furniture into your home!

DYNA-GRO Fertilizers
DYNA-GRO fertilizers are blended to supply all the known essential plant minerals in easy-to-use liquid formulas.

Watering Stakes
Watering Stakes help plants stay healthier by slowly releasing water to the soil as plants need it.

Indoor Garden Plant Light

Indoor Garden PlantLight™

Elegant and highly functional, the Indoor Garden PlantLight™ makes it easy to grow orchids, flowering tropicals, herbs and other light-loving plants. Filled with flora, it makes a striking addition to any home. The black-enameled wooden box has two specially-engineered, 18-watt plant-spectrum compact fluorescent tubes to bathe your plants in just the right spectrum of light for growing and flowering. High quality, solid state electronic ballasts prevent flicker and hum. As plants grow, you can adjust the height of the PlantLight incrementally from 16" to 23" tall. A built-in humidity tray, made from injection-molded UV-resistant polymer with a hex liner provides healthy humidity for plants. The innovative drainage system lets you remove excess water from the tray by extending the 12" metal clad, silicon-reinforced hose to quickly drain the tray. Measures 29"l x 13.5"w. Component parts are UL listed.

Indoor Garden PlantLight™


Replacement Light Fixture & Bulbs for PlantTable and PlantLight